Враження та слова вдячності наших стипендіатів

    circleAnna Yudina

Some events are unforgettable, as well as people, experience and KIWANIS Youth Camp 2017. I’ll never be thankfull enough for the opportunity to be one of the Ukrainian representatives during a week in the mountains of Lichtenstein. Those days, full of exciting activities, lots of gained knowledge helped to realize that even small try can make an impact on the world. Starting from presenting our cultures to devising some projects for people in need (on Madagaskar island), the whole camp was full of nesessary information and practice for future leaders. Not only have we learned how to lead other people, find our own place in small groups and in society in general, but also we have tried to help others, became stronger in our faith in humanity and got inspired to do greater things. KIWANIS Youth Camp 2017 is the best thing that happened to me during this summer, because I left it with tears of happiness in my eyes, 25 new friends and inspiration in my heart.

circle (3)Karyna Volska

This summer, I was fortunate enough to be a member of the Kiwanis European Youth Camp, which was held in Malbun, Liechtenstein. During my time in the camp, I was able to practice English with foreign students, learned a lot of interesting information about the countries of other members, and enjoyed the beauty of nature of Liechtenstein. I want to extend thanks to the providers of the camp for the opportunity to visit another country and share experience. Everything was organized at a very high level. This trip has really changed my world outlook and it will do me good a lot in future and influence my personal development. I want to express special gratitude to Bogdan, the Ukrainian representative, for holding the contest and a well-organized trip. It is worth to point out that our camp leader, Ilonka Löhmer, tried her best to provide solid comfort for the participants. In the camp, we have learned to work in a team and to become leaders. We have also improved foreign language skills by becoming more and more open to each other every day. I have made a lot of new friends from different corners of the world I still keep in touch with. We have also had a varied program with a large number of events, which were aimed to participants being able to engage with each other more. The course of self-defense has helped me to become more self-confident. I will always keep our tour to a rope park in my memory, which I took an active part in. Remembering all the moments brings a smile to my face. This period has become a very significant part of my life and I am boundlessly happy to have been a member of this camp. The Kiwanis European Youth Camp is a place where I have endured many joyous moments and met extremely warm-hearted people.

circle (2)Olersandr Kraiev

The trip to KIWANIS Youth Camp 2017 in Malbun, Liechtenstein, was perhaps the brightest page of the history of this summer. The phrase “only the mountains can be better than mountains” did not seem to be such a commonplace – the Alps impressed us all with its grandeur and beauty. The company from 11 countries has seemed to be surprisingly different, but at the same time extremely interesting and extraordinary. In the end, it was only a pleasant impression that you had known these people for a long time and really just said goodbye to good old friends. Accommodation in the camp and living conditions are worthy of a separate notification. We were pleasantly impressed with the comfort and cleanliness of our boarding house, which is an obvious merit of our beloved hosts. Also, without a shadow of doubt, I would like to say that the program, although it was full and active for every day, did not tire the participants and still left a good part of the free time for each participant. In general, we are very grateful to our organizers for their titanic work and the excellent organizational level of the camp itself!

circle (1)Yuliia Zhaha

Before going to the Kiwanis Youth Camp I was really skeptical about it. The reason for that is that there are a lot of leadership camps, which concentrate on the importance of being active and successful, and this irritates me. Still, from the very first day my expectations ruined, and I was happy about that. The workshops went deep into the topic and explained the sense of the subject. Moreover, we could see how leadership and the group formation worked in practice, because we had to interact within our small groups composed of the representatives of different countries. Working in groups, we developed a lot of ideas, which hopefully will be realized. For example, the crowdfunding project for the Madagascar children, the logo and motto of the next youth camps, the auction of the traditional Kiwanis dolls, etc. The other activity was the presentations of participating countries, which opened the unknown sides of every nation. Due to these presentations, I discovered the peculiarities of every represented country from the perspective of its citizen. So, it erased some biases and filled my knowledge gaps. Besides intellectual activities, we had a lot of other fun things to do. It was rope climbing, hiking, swimming in the pool surrounded by the marvelous Alps. I’m very grateful to everyone, who is involved in the organizing the Kiwanis Youth Camp 2017, and for granting me such an amazing opportunity and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

circle (4)Dmitriy Deineko

THIS YEAR, KIWANIS INTERNATIONAL – EUROPEAN FEDERATION ORGANIZED A TOP CAMP FOR YOUTH I EVER PARTICIPATED IN. THIS FORUM TOOK PLACE IN A MARVELOUS MALBUN (LIECHTENSTEIN). I had an honor of serving my country as a delegate. TEAM WORK, SELF-CONFIDENCE, EQUALITY all these features may describe the camp. Many Thanks to Ilonka Löhmer, Andreas Löhmer, Ralf-Otto Gogolinski, Bogdan Pryimak for providing the atmosphere in which we could share the diversity of cultures, duly represent our states and fire on all cylinders while working on a charity project. Appreciate all of the work you do. These people always do quality work. There are big and small, developed and developing states, but we all share common values as democracy, liberty and common welfare. I am confident that all participants from 11 states did enjoy the international dialog and would bring the outcome to their friends, families and schools. Our motto was to treat people as we would like to treated by others. And the results are remarkable. We worked on a charity project for Madagascar, welcomed the lectures about what is to be a leader and were taught how to be a team. We cherish the initiative of Kiwanis organizers and are ready to provide with every support to make the next camp adorable. Thank you organizers and let’s serve the children of the world together!

circle (5)Bogdan Pryimak 

This year, I had the privilege of taking part in the remarkable event of the Kiwanis Youth Camp 2017 as the leader of the Ukrainian nation. The event was held in the picturesque region of the Alpine mountains of Liechtenstein, the Malbun city.
The camp program was interesting and fulfilled with intellectual and physical activities. I especially want to highlight the trainings and lectures of Dr. Andreas Löhmer, in his contribution to development of personality and leadership qualities. During the training course an audience was always actively involved in the study process.
The camp was attended by representatives of 11 countries. Such a multinational event is highly important and useful for young people. It was nice to notice the challenges and growth of young people during such a short time. The participants of the camp had different levels of English, someone feel shy, but at the end of the event, almost everyone speak English freely.
All those challenges were done with team work effort in the development of the logo of the camp, charitable projects, opportunities for fundraising in Madagascar project. In this way, the youth join everyone’s ideas and effort in one mutual task, consolidate and offer an excellent solution together. The participants of the campus were involved into the mutual project with their shine eyes, full enthusiastic, responsible attitude to the work.
The international environment helps to develop mutual understanding and intercultural exchange. Thanks to the international student’s presentations of eleven countries, everyone had unique opportunity to know more about each other national culture, customs and traditions.
It was fascinating to notice, the joint work team become full field with friendship spirit between the international participants and left unforgettable experience for everyone in the remarkable event of the Kiwanis Youth Camp 2017 .
I am very grateful to my colleagues from the “Nations connector” Ilonka Löhmer Andreas Löhmer Elmas Coskun Ralf-Otto Gogolinski Sjoerd Timmermans for the excellent camping organization, they create a warm and friendly atmosphere for Kiwanis family.
Although , I would like to thanks Ilonka Löhmer, for the invitation and organization of the sponsors support for the Ukrainian delegation, that able our visit became possible. The importance of such projects is invaluable – they expand the outlook of young people and lay the high values of the virtues of Kivanis! Treat people as you want them treat you and serve the children of the world together!
Let’s support the youth of our future together!