734294_1_w_570_lqThe mother in God of the poor, heavily injured boy 8 years old boy, affected by war – Nicholas Nizhnikovsky, came to the International association ” Untied by Ukraine” to ask for financial support, to be able to provide him intensive treatment therapy.

The story of Nickolas, who lost both legs and arm because of the grenade’s explosion, terrify the whole of Ukraine . Many Ukrainians and foreign volunteers came to help the boy. In spite of long-term rehabilitation abroad, Nikolas still continues to need large amount of financial support for treatment.

SIVgIzhNo-wThanks to the support of the patrons of the deputy corps, who responded at the charitable request from the International Charity Association “United by Ukraine” in financial supporting for the treatment and rehabilitation of the boy. We managed to save for Nicolas the amount of 83,850 UAH. At the same time, the philanthropists expressed their wish to keep anonymous. We do not want to make PR on charity base.


We believe that every one has to help his fellow man, while not pursuing mercenary goals. Especially when the donation is made in such a great religious holiday as Baptism. We sincerely hope that the funds for treatment will help Mikolka improve his health “- explained one of the patrons of the deputy corps. On January 19th, at the office of the International Association “United Ukraine” we will handle the money to Mokolka (Kyiv, O. Gonchar St.).